Kendali Putaran Motor Universal Menggunakan Kontrol Sudut Fasa


  • Sahri Shalahuddin Universitas Tidar


Arduino Uno, kontrol sudut fasa, LCD, RPM


The rotation control process in universal motors often experiences changes in the resulting sine wave, which is a truncated wave due to the use of thyristors. With the truncation of the sine wave, the rotation speed of the motor is reduced. This research aims to design a universal motor controller with the Arduino Uno-based phase angle control method where the designed tool is intended to be able to control electric motors automatically and can display motor speed data on the LCD interface so as to reduce human error and implement an automation system on electric motors. The result of this research is a tool that has been successfully made to produce an electric motor control automation system with several tests carried out, namely the voltage is directly proportional to the electric current in the motor, the greater the electric current in the motor, the speed will increase to the nominal speed but when it reaches the nominal speed, the electric current in the motor is increased, the torque will increase and the RPM will decrease. In addition, the average speed error is 0.0518% and the relationship between torque and current is linear, according to the equation T = K x Ia x F, in the first experiment with the results of the torque obtained of 0.0032 Nm.