Peer Review Process

Indonesian Journal of Bioloogy Education is a journal published by Biology Education Study Program, Universitas Tidar. Each article submitted to this journal will be examined by the editorial team to ensure the suitability of the article with the focus and scope of the journal, as well as the suitability of article’s writing style with the journal’s template. Articles that have been reviewed by the editor and selected at the initial examination will be sent to two reviewers. Both reviewers do not know the identity and affiliation of the author for each article reviewed (double-blind review process). Reviewers provide comments and suggestions related to the substance and technical aspects to improve the article. Articles that have been commented on by reviewers will be returned to the author for revision. The review process for each article takes about one month. The final decision for the acceptance of the article and its publication will be made by the editor based on the reviewer's comments and suggestions.