Publication Ethics

This section explains the ethical aspects of all parties involved in the publication of the article in the Indonesian Journal of Biology Education. Parties bound to the ethics of this publication include the author, editor, and chief editor. Statements in the ethics of this publication are based on COPE's Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

Duties of Author       

  • Ensure that the articles submitted are original articles that are free of plagiarism.
  • Ensuring that the article submitted in Indonesian Journal of Biology Education has never been published before, or is not in the process of review in another journal.
  • Author is only allowed to submit articles to other journals if he has received a rejection letter from this journal, or if the author sends a letter of article withdrawal approved by the journal.
  • Following each process in the publication well, including sending the revised article based on the reviewer's recommendations in a predetermined time.

Duties of Reviewers

  • Stating the existence of a conflict of interest to the journal before accepting the article review assignment.
  • Review articles that have been submitted by the editor objectively and professionally.
  • Write down suggestions and comments on the substance and technical aspects of the article, including those related to methodology, results, and discussion.
  • Report if there are ethical problems that appear in the article reviewed by the Chief Editor.
  • Be aware of the elements of plagiarism and multiple publications in the article being reviewed.
  • Carry out a review task in accordance with the time period that has been allocated. The extension of the time to review the article must be in accordance with the Chief Editor.

Duties of Editors

  • Check all of the submitted articles to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct.
  • Check the suitability of the article’s writing style with the journal’s template.
  • Ensuring that all articles that have passed the initial examination are forwarded to review by reviewers in accordance with their respective fields of expertise.
  • Ensuring that the article assigned to each reviewer does not conflict with the conflict of interest.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of the author's identity before the article is sent to the reviewer.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the manuscript, not presenting any information about the manuscript to parties that have nothing to do with the publication process.
  • Provide clear information to the author regarding the criteria for articles that are eligible for publication, and the stages of publication ranging from submission to publishing.
  • Seek the views of authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board members about how to improve their journal processes.